Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Officially autumn

Autumn in the garden

It's officially autumn here. The leaves are turning red and there was frost on the ground this morning. Pretty soon it's first snow and then, winter. But I do love this season. Looking back at last summer, I was grumpy all the time. Super hot weather (which we had this year) is clearly not for me. What about you, are you a friend of the warm, or the cold?

Autumn in the garden

Autumn in the garden

The spider has been working hard

The spider has been working hard.

Autumn in the garden

All of this autumn and preparing for winter has made me a little sad. But in a good way.
Maybe you know what I mean.


Ruby’s Upcycle Designs™ said...

Lovely images and yes, I do know what you mean but it actually makes me feel giddy inside! However, I won't be singing any tunes in the dead of winter! Have a great day! xoxo Beth

Tiia said...

No matter how cold or warm, as long as the seasons keep changing regularly :D

Jen Appel said...

I know what you mean. The light has changed here too - and the spiders are coming inside to make a nest for the winter. I'll have to bring my last plant inside soon - nights are almost down to the frost point.

Beautiful images of the webs. Lovely and poetic!

Melody said...

I love how glittery some of those pictures look

Pellon pientareella said...

Ihania kuvia. Syksy on aikas kiva! (Paitsi tuo kauhea rapina ja juoksu vintillä, taitaa olla rotta taas kotiutunut :(

Jutta said...

Jen, they sound like scary spiders!

Pellon pientareella, hui! Toivottavasti saat sen taas pyydystettyä.