Thursday, November 18, 2010

What are your happy colors?

Breakfast in bed

Maria of Colour Me Happy asked in her blog what are the colors of fun. That lead me to thinking, what are the colors of happy. On the contrary to what you might think, for me it's not just bright and strong colors. At the moment, one of the corners making me most happy is the one in the picture. And it's probably the whitest and lightest corners of our house! Normally I feel incapable of decorating with white, so it seems quite unusual (for me at least, maybe not for you! :))

But it's not so much the colors, but the color combinations that make the feeling of happy. The harmony that you get when you find the right combination. That's how I feel at least. On the other hand, maybe I am biased to certain colors. There's not many rich, earthy tones in our house for example.

What do you think? Do you have a color or color combination that makes you happy? Is there a favorite, trusted color you always turn to?


Nonna said...

Kokonaisuus ratkaisee. Tilan tunnelma. Omassa kodissani vessat ja lastenhuoneet ovat tällä hetkellä kivoimmat. =)

Netta said...

Vastaus kysymykseesi: :)

Eli kyllä, värit ilahduttavat aina. Mulla ne taitavat olla aika kirkkaita tai voimakkaita.

Frau DingDong said...

hey hey,
I'm new to your blog and I loooooove it!!!
My favorite color is turquoise and all shades of it! Everytime I see turquoise or petrol or a dark-green-blue color scheme I'm happy!
My favorite color combination is turquoise and red :)

Greetings from Germany,

Anonymous said...

The best combination that makes me always happy is gray and light red togther, I could look those colours all the time! Beautiful.

Susanna said...

Olisikohan tämä pimeä aika saanut sinutkin nyt onnellistumaan kaikkein valkoisimmssa ja valoisimmssa nurkassa?

Minulla ne onnellisuusvärit ovat lämpimiä sävyjä - punaista, keltaista, oranssia.

Esther said...

my happy colour is the combination of petrol, red and white. I doscovered that, while I was putting wodden white christmas decorations on red berries in front of my petrol-coloured wall :) sooo lovely!

as your blog is, veeery nice :)

mapi said...

I love your bed !